AdSense Approval Requirements

Hello Friends welcome to my website Today we are going to discuss about adsense approval requirements, so read this post carefully if you want to approve your adsense.

Friends i get many comments about this topic in my YouTube videos so i want to solve the problems. Nowadays many bloggers and youtubers wants approve their adsense account. In this post all you get the official Requirements for an approve your adsense account.

Some are basic steps that you can follow for adsense approval or some steps are very important for this. I will explain that all the steps line by line to you. Because i want to solve this problem. Many youtubers and bloggers make videos on it, but their trick are only usefull if you are pro blogger. So i give this steps that are useful for all the beginner blogger’s are youtubers. Here are the steps….

AdSense Approval Requirements

AdSense Approval Requirements

Adsense approval requirements is given below but you can follow them step by step if you want adsense approval.

1. Custom Domain

Friends First think is you can buy Custom domain for adsense approval if you not go with only. Don’t use any free custom domain because of free domain your site never get approved. So only use genuine domain like .com, .in, .xyz, etc from any trust TLD domain provider site.

After buy any domain you have to connect first with your entire website. This is most important things for adsense approval.

2. Create 4 Required Pages

If you run your website you have to follow the adsense Policy and the policy is your site must have 4 pages that discribe your full site. Here are the pages..

  1. About Us
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Term’s and Conditions
  4. Contact Us

In this pages you are write your unique content, First page is about us and you are write about your site in this page. Second pages is privacy policy of your website. Third page is term’s and conditions of your website. Last page is how visitors contact you shortly.

Make sure your privacy policy page or term’s and conditions page are unique from other site or related to your website content. Otherwise you will get privacy policy error in adsense.

3. Do Blogger Required Settings

For adsense approval you have to follow the settings required in blogger. Settings like title, description, meta tag, https availability etc.

4. Write 30+ Unique Post (Each Post Minimum 500+ Word)

The most important things is content for approval. So you can write 30 unique post in your website. After that you have to check word count of the post because your every post have 500+ word. This is necessary for all the users.

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5. Create 1 Unique Image Per Post

First you write your 30 post after that important things is you have to attache one image per post. Your images are not downloaded from anywhere or don’t use copyright free website’s image if you want to approve your site in first attempt.

6. Customize Blogger Template

This steps is very important for getting approved because adsense policy has this main point. You are use any free blogger template but don’t remove footer credit. After that make sure your template have white background or black font.

7. Check Robot.txt, Robot Header Tag, Site Open Without www.

Things that you have to cross check when your website is ready for applying. In the Blogger Settings you get this small but required points. Make sure this points are covered by you when applying for adsense.

8. Submit Sitemap

In the webmaster tool you have to submit your domain First after that you have to submit your website sitemap. Many users not doing this steps and get under construction error from google adsense. So make sure have completed this steps.

9. Create Adsense Account After 30 Days

Many users are create their adsense account when thay are create their Blogger website. This is not right, if you want approve your adsense account in First attempt you have to create your adsense account after your site is ready for adsense.

10. Apply For AdSense

The last steps is applying for adsense account. Many people doing this in wrong because many are mislead by someone.

So when your apply for adsense must follow the steps is time, yes this is very important for get instant replay from adsense. The time is 6PM to 8PM daily for Indian users only.


Friends after follow the all steps above your getting approved if your content and images are unique. I have also approved many AdSense using this best trick. So you have to approve your website in adsense must follow this magical steps.

I hope you all are enjoying this post and get your problem solution. If you have any questions regarding this post must comment below on comment box with your problem.

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