Earn Money From Instagram

Here we know about earn money from Instagram. If you want to know how to earn from Instagram this post for you.

By the way many ways also have for earning from Instagram but some things you have to remember for this is if you have lots of Instagram followers then you have to able earn from instagram.

If you have low followers but your content get more engagements i.e your content get more like, comment on instagram. You can earn relevent money from it.

Earn Money From Instagram

Earn Money From Instagram

Here we are talk about 5 best way to earn money from instagram. Using this method many people are earning lot’s of money nowadays.

First of all you have to switch you instagram account to business account for Earn money from instagram. And connect your account with Facebook page.

Earn Money By Sponsorship On Instagram

Earlier all brands and companies promote their products on TV by advertising. But now all the TV users move to smartphone and also nowdays lots of people have mobile phones.

Nowadays 70% to 80% people use social media like facebook, instagram etc. Also they spending their TV time on social media. So you can get small sponsorship from brands and companies and promote on your instagram account that’s it.

Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

You know about affiliate marketing. You sell any brand products and get commission from it.

Lot’s of e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart or else Hosting or Domain selling company. First of create your affiliate account on it. After that promote their services on your account and sell their products. You can get lots of commission if you more followers.

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Earn Money By Sell Your Product

If you made any product or you have own company. So have to sell products on instagram. You have to capture awesome pictures of your products and upload on instagram. In discription you have to add product details with price.

For this you have to active 24×7 on instagram and also reply carefully to customer’s for trust on you.

Earn Money By Photo Selling On Instagram

If you have photography hobby and have one smartphone with good quality camera or else have DSLR so you can earn from uploading it on instagram.

Many people want images for their youtube channel or website or else for any other work and they buy also from instagram.

Earn Money By Add Video In Story

You can earn money from add video in your instagram story. For this you have to add regularly videos on instagram story for high engagement on your account.

After that company contact you for prompt their products on your Instagram story. They said you about products and you have to discribe products on videos and get money that’s it.


So here we know about earn money from instagram. Our motto is give you full information about your questions and queries.

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