Earn Money Online in India for Students

Hello friends welcome to my website IshwarAhir.com. today i am going to tell you how to earn money online in india for students.

So you can find all solution for your problem is here.

We all knows today everyone have a smartphone. People also search in google how to earn money by phone. Many ways you earn unlimited money from your home with your smartphone.

Nowdays students or free because of corona, they want to earn money by smartphone. Also many college students wants earn money for their college fees.

So i will teach you how to earn money in india for students.

Earn Money Online in India for Students

Earn Money Online in India for Students

Today i will explain you best method of earning money online. But you can read post by your mind.

Some are best things that college students do for earning money.

Many ways like create youtube channel, freelance job, url shortner website, ppc website, team work, joining other people etc.

But today we will talk about short time earning platform. That was give you earning instantly.

Earn Money Online In India for Students Method

I am talking about create your android app. Yes you can read right. Earn unlimited by creating your android app without coding.

I am not talking about high quality coding app that create in computer with android studio. But talking about platform that create app for you for free.

Yes you can create free application with your android phone and share them to your friends and earn money.

Here you can learn step by step

Step 1

First of all you can choose your application category like tech, news, knowledge, education etc. After choosing this you are ready for create your first application.

Step 2

Now you will go to website cashagbic. You can create your account free from here.

After create account you can go to create application. First give your app name after that you will show the edit screen.

Step 3

Now You will upload aia file that given by me.  If you want aia file comment below with email address. I will provide you free of cost.

Step 4

After upload aia file you edit details and change details with your category.

Change all the my details with yours. Also upload your Photo and icon of your application.

Step 5

Ok now your application is ready for exporting. But main thing you can go to admob site and sign up there.

After sign up you will add your first application. In application have many ads unit but you can go with banner and interstitial.

Step 6

In your application edit screen you can see admob ads option.

Click on this and change my ads code with your admob codes. You can done now your application.

Step 7

Now last step you will export your application in storage and chack your application.

If any problems in application than try out create new one. After that install to your phone and check ads are running or not.


Friends this is process to create your own android application in android phone. Using this method you can earn daily by adsense.

This is the best method i had seen in my life. I recommend you to try ones.

After earn $100 you can withdraw your payment in bank account. If you want to know more about adsense comment below.

So this is the method How to Earn Money Online in India without Investment for Students.

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