How To Create Affiliate Marketing Website

Hello and welcome friends to my website today we are talking about how to create affiliate marketing website. So here i am going to share my experience with you.

Friends many people want to earn money from home. But they don’t have right ways to earn money. Some people use affiliate marketing for this. Also this is best method for you, because of simple method that is. So many people have question about how to start affiliate marketing on our website.

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Here is i am going to telling you how to start affiliate marketing and earn money from it. If you follow this steps on right you can start earning from next day. Many ways to start affiliate marketing but most popular method is start website for affiliate links.

How To Create Affiliate Marketing Website

How To Create Affiliate Marketing Website

Friends i am going to tell you start your own website for affiliate marketing. Also gives you CODE for creating website. If you really want to create your affiliate marketing website read this post carefully.

First of all you have to create your blog on or else you can create it on wordpress. After that you have to use simple and fast theme on your website. Now you have to create pages for your website.

That’s it now your website is ready for creating first affiliate marketing post. For this you have to create your first post on website. Just put Our CODE on HTML section and edit it. Now your post is ready for publishing.

CSS Code : Click Here

HTML Code : Click Here

First of all copy and paste the css code after that you have to copy paste the html code. This thing’s is very important for post. Now you can publish your post or else you can preview it.

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