How to Create Youtube Channel

How to Create Youtube Channel. Friends you are know that nowadays trend that earn money from uploading YouTube videos. This is too much working.

But all people don’t know abour right way of creating YouTube channel. That why their channel don’t monetize.

Today i am going to teach you step by step how to create YouTube channel.

Nowadays everyone makes their channel on youtube. Everyone make their channel but they don’t know about how to customise it.

And they upload videos direct from youtube application. In which they don’t get Tags option or else don’t get thumbnail option.

Still they uploading video on video on youtube and thought why don’t Getting views. Because of they don’t know about what they do when create youtube channel.

After doing this thay will deeps his own hard work by him. Some people get more than views from they without uploading own videos.

Today I am going to telling you how to create youtube channel. You will get result of your hard work.

You are be made best youtuber in future. You follow your passion also.

Friends you have to remember some things before creating youtube channel. In this things you remember from youtube channel name too How To customize fully channel.

If you are remember this thing’s or work hard on right way you will be a definitely successful youtuber one day.

How to Create Youtube Channel

How to Create Youtube Channel

First of all you have to choose name of you channel that has unique. After that you have to create channel name icon or channel intro for channel attraction.

You can create Icon from Picsart or any other android application.

After making intro or channel icon you have to fully customize your channel. So whatever visit your channel thay definitely likes channel and also subscribe it.

After doing this steps you have to customise your channels about section for looking professional channel. And they watch your videos and Subscribe your channel.

Now the main thing is which topic you have to choose for your videos. From whom you will get lots of views. So first off all you have to choose which type of channel you are making.

So if you want to technical category channel you can make video on trending topics of technology. Just like that you have to make video on your topics trending searches.

After making the video now the turn of uploading the video on YouTube. So before uploading video you have to write minimum 150 words discription for video. And also make professional or attractive thumbnail for it for more views.


Remember one things always in your mind never make long video or never make too short video. Keep Your video length is between 4 minutes to 8 minutes.

If you follow this steps correctly your video will be definitely get viral. Friends if you like this post please subscribe our website from box given below.

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