How to Earn from Blogging in India

How to Earn from Blogging in India. Nowadays youngsters choose blogging as a primary career. It’s means blogging gives earning to pay your bills. Some Blogger said that they are doing blogging for helping people. Friends this is not true because full time blogger and part time blogger make money in millions. Obviously no one can help without money.

The way of earning from blogging is different. Bloggers don’t take direct money from user’s but indirectly blogging earning is depends on users. If you things about carrier in blogging so this is right time for it. Because now hindi language content are not available in big amount. If you start blogging in hindi language then you can get success in short time.

How to Earn from Blogging

Many ways are available for earn from blogging. But new blogger don’t know about that. In this post i am going to tell you about how to earn from blogging in india. Also we discuss about extra income source. Reliance jio gives boost to internet in india. Once we all suffering from high rates of data plan. But now situation changed. Reliance jio make many YouTube celebrity. When they are making millions you can make hundreds. Nowadays all wanted to earn from home. There are many ways to earn money online but blogging is best platform for it.

You can easily earn money from home by doing blogging. For that you have to create blog and write high quality content for publishing. You can get lots of traffic or traffic equal to money in blogging. Google AdSense is the best way for it. In this user’s get money for per click.

Working hard on blogging is give you monthly income with royalty income. Earn from blogging is required traffic and more traffic gives you more money. I don’t know about google adsense earning in starting of blogging. Therefore i use local ads.

How to Earn from Blogging in India

How to Earn from Blogging in India

Who can’t earn money. But know one can work for it. To earn from blogging smart work required with hard work. Patient is also important for earn money online. Have patience, fruit of patience is sweet.

1. Direct Advertisements

No doubt adsense is best way but blogger publishers only get 65% of earning. If you use direct advertisement you can earn much. Blogger is know about adsense approval requirements. Client directly interaction in direct advertisement. Blog traffic required for direct advertisement. You can easily get your city local ads for it. You have to marketing skills for it. Checkout your blog is ranked on which keywords. Talk with same business owners.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Someone recommend any product or company on their traffic source then company gives him commission. The amount of commission is some percentage of sale price. Also some time thay gave a fix amount. This is called a affiliate marketing.

You can easily earn $100 to $500 monthly from affiliate marketing. But you have to choose high paying affiliate program and you have a huge traffic on your website for earning.

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3. Referral Income

Referral Income like a affiliate income but affiliate pay per sell or Referral pay per join. Join means Signup. This is best ways for earn money from blog. If you want i will make next post on best referral company.

4. Paid Reviews

Making money from Paid Reviews bit difficult. Because blog has to be popular or authentic to earn from Paid Reviews. If any blogger build credibility, then Paid Review Started. According to niche paid review will be got. If you want Paid Reviews soon, then you have to work on micro niche blogging.

5. Start Services

You can start services on topics related to your blog. You can start web design, SEO, logo creation, Blog Create, Post Writing for pair services. This is best method. Decide service rate by looking at market rate. Provide unique and best services from market.


So friend’s here i gave you best ways for how to earn from blogging in india. If you think blogging is to hard, then you are wrong because if we put our hard work on blogging we definitely get success. If you want earn from blogging in india you have to work consistent on it.

I hope you all are enjoy this post. If you really like this post please share with your friends and family. Also you can comment your queries on comment section given below. Thanks for supporting.

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