How to Get Adsense Payment

How to Get Adsense Payment. If you are youtuber or else doing blogging like me or else developing applications.

So you have to use google adsense. We are earn money from Youtube, blogging and application their main source is google adsense.

Friends if you are new blogger or else you want to earn money from website than have question what is google adsense?

How to get adsense payment. I am giving you all the answers in this post.

If we are using adsense than have question how to see our earning. After that how will we get it.

How to verify pin in adsense. Where we add our bank account? How to add swift code? Etc. Questions we have.

All the new blogger and youtuber have this question in starting that How to get adsense payment?

How we get paid? Which bank account we should use for fast withdraw? How to verify pin? Can we use two adsense with one name? Etc.

How to Get Adsense Payment

How to Get Adsense Payment

For adsense earning your website must be approved or youtube channel will be monetize. Google adsense send verification pin to your address when your main account earning reach $10.

That you will get in between 10 to 15 days. After that you should be verify your pin.

For adding address proof you have to add any ID proof from Aadhar card, Pan Card, or else voter id vard. Also You have to upload ID cards photo.

Second point now you have to upload Pan Card, or Voter ID card with Pin verification. Third and most important question when we will get earning in main account?

So your earning will be add in your main account when new month arriving like next month’s 1st date or 2nd date with invalid click’s cut off.

Now your main account balance reach $100 after that you have to add your bank account. In this you have to add bank swift code but many bank branch’s don’t have this code.

So you can add their main branch swift code. Still you will definitely get payment.

Some times we are applying for pin when balance reach $10 without checking our address.

But we don’t get our pin because our address is wrong. So have to add your right address or else add your phone number in it.

Now in lockdown you don’t get pin so don’t apply for pin right now. AdSense gives you only 3 chance for pin verification.

After that you have to verify your account with email address only. Remember this thing’s before applying.


If we talk about right situation now adsense send late reply because of Corona virus.

Still adsense send payment of all the users. So don’t worry you will definitely get payment.

Here i am tell you about how to get adsense payment. If you have any questions or suggestions related this topic than content me.

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