How to Sell Domain on Godaddy | Check Price and Instant Sell

Here we are know about how to sell domain on godaddy. Also know about our domain price. If you want to sell your domain name and know about your domain price read this post carefully.

Here we know about how to list domain name? We know about domain listing on godaddy or any other sites. So using this method you sell your extra domains. So first off all we know about check price of domain.

Many sites available for checking price of our domain but today we are talking about how to check price on godaddy.

how to sell domain on godaddy

How to Sell Domain on Godaddy

For checking your domain value search Domain Name Value and Appraisal in google. And also go with godaddy direct link.

Check Domain Price On GoDaddy

Now Your Site will be opened, now you have to enter your domain name and click on Govalue on right side.

After clicking on it you are redirected on other page that’s show your domain estimated value in USD dollar.

This is price of your domain name but this is not actual price of your domain. Some time you get less than it or more than it.

How To Sell Domain On Godaddy Instantly

For selling your domain name you have to follow the steps that i told you for price. After that you have see the Renew, Protect and Sell option on below that page.

In that three options you have to select Sell option and click on it. Now you are not signed in godaddy account because of it you are redirect to godaddy sign in page.

Now you have to enter your username and password of your godaddy account which have your domain name owner.

After sign in your account your back on godaddy domain sell page. Here you can show your domain price you can increase or decrease it if you want.

For changing the price of domain you have see the option List For Another Price. Click on it and tick the box. Now new box opened enter your choice Price in it.

After adding value of your domain name you can see the payment options that can you used before when buy domain name. Now you can see the box for that payment options click on it.

If you don’t want to get payment on this account simply click on Add Account option and enter new account information. After that Click on List For Sell option. Now you can show the success message on screen. Now your domain ready for listing.

You can also list your domain name on other two site by following this process.


So here we know about how to sell domain name and also know about how to check price of our domain name.

If you have any questions regarding how to sell domain name please contact us by visiting our contact us page.

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