How to Unblock URL on Facebook

We are getting 50% to 60% social sharing traffic from facebook. Or else traffic from whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, quora etc. So here we are talk about how to unblock URL on facebook.

Whenever we create new blog we are share our most of links on Facebook groups, our timeline or friends timeline.

Whenever you are share links on own timeline, pages or groups then facebook don’t look on it. But when we are share links on others groups, pages or timeline then facebook block our url because many people report against our links on facebook.

When facebook get many report again our links they took action on it and block it on facebook. Block our website for permanently without checking it.

For unblocking our URL on Facebook we have to know them about our website content or Our website don’t have any spam content that harmful for facebook users.

For this we have to submit appeal form on facebook by visit their appeal page. After that facebook review our site and check spam content if site don’t have spam or harmful content facebook remove our url from their spam list.

After that we are able to share links on facebook groups, pages or timeline.

How To Unblock URL On Facebook

How To Unblock URL On Facebook

For unblocking your website from facebook in 24 hours you have to follow this steps. First off all you have to click on Unblock Your URL this link.

You get one box here and write about your website discription in this box. You have to clarify site content in this box. Also give your website name and URL.

If you have questions about what you type? Here we are create some text for you. Just copy this text and paste on facebook url unboxing box. Remember changes in text is your site name and URL.

Copy This Text

This is my website (with website name), there are not any harmful content or spam content. Please unblock my website. Many time i applyed but you are not review my website. Please activate my website i am facing many problems on sharing links. Website Link :

After doing this your website will be unlocked under 24 hours. Now you can able to share your links on facebook.


So here we learned about how to unlock URL on facebook. I hope you enjoy this post and your problem getting solved after reading this.

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