How to Use Google Street View

How to Use Google Street View. Who does not want to travel around the world, who does not want to go to a good place, today we will talk about an application which is the most fun.

Who is there in the world who is not fond of traveling, police who are fond of traveling from children to elders all over the world.

So many times, if we want to see the streets of the place we want to visit, then we search the Internet for that. Photos to see what that place looks like.

So friends, this application will show you what is happening live in those places and will show you the location and the streets in 3D mode, so you can see these lanes sitting at home on your phone.

If we are fond of traveling, then it is necessary to have this application with us, because with this application we can see any place of the world and can also see its map.

This is a really amazing application from Google. We will show you how to use it through this post.

How to Use Google Steet View

How to Use Google Street View

The name of this application of Google is Google Earth. I will give you the link below, you can download it from there. And if you want to download from the play store, then you can also download for free from there.

Friends, the first thing to download this application is to go to the Play Store on your phone. There you have to search Google Earth name. As soon as you do this search, you have to download the first application that will appear in front of you.

After downloading the application, you have to install it. As soon as you install the application from here, you will have to give permission. You have to allow all permissions to this application.

Now your application is ready to view the street. If you have the option to turn on the location in it, then you have to turn on the location of your phone as well. Only then you will be able to see the 3D image of the streets in it.

After this, you have to search the place where you want to see a map in it. So the map of that place will open in front of you. You will also see a satellite image in it and you will get blue dot options for the street.

Talking about the Google Earth application, it is a small application that shows us photos of every street in the world. And we also get to see photos in 2D and 3D.

At the same time, it has another specialty. This application also shows the map of the whole world and we can use it easily.

To use this, you have to open it first, and then you guys should like the 2D & 3D mode shown in this side. So that you will see correctly.

After that, search the place you want to see. Now you will see blue dot at that place. Click on the blue dots from the angle from which you want to view photos, then you will get to see 360 ​​° photos.


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