Free Tools to Edit and Compress PDF Documents

Many people need to work with text-based documents in their workspaces. They may need to send these documents through email to their clients and colleagues. Moreover, they also need to edit those documents from time to time. Are you amongst those people who regularly need to edit or share documents in the form of PDF files? If yes, then you may need Adobe Acrobat Pro to manage your work, as it could make your work easier. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a subscription.

Free online tools are available to help you compress PDF file sizes for easy sharing. Moreover, online tools can also help you edit your PDF file without paying anything. Here we will discuss a few tools that can help you reduce PDF size and edit PDF files easily. Further details are given below:

Free Tools to Edit and Compress PDF Documents

Free Tools that can Help You Reduce PDF Size

It is often observed that people who need to work on PDF files daily often face problems while sharing or storing documents in PDF file format because of their larger size. The most effective way to deal with this problem is to reduce PDF size using a PDF compressor. Here are some free online PDF compressors that can help you do that.

DupliChecker’s PDF Compressor

DupliChecker is a renowned platform that offers numerous valuable tools to users. One of them is the PDF compressor. This tool efficiently works to reduce PDF size in a matter of seconds. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it on any device. There is no restriction on the type of device for this purpose. Even if you have a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection, you can easily compress PDF files using this free PDF compressor. It is capable of reducing file sizes up to 100 KBs easily.

Smallpdf Compress PDF Tool

Smallpdf is a platform specialized in providing all the solutions to problems related to PDF file format. It offers various tools to deal with various tasks related to PDF files. One of them is compressing PDF files. The tool offered by SmallPDF to reduce PDF size is known for its efficiency as it is capable of compressing the PDF file significantly for further uses like sharing or storing these PDF files. It allows you to import PDF files for compression from cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive as well.

PDF Compressor by SmallSEOTools

We all know SmallSEOTools is a platform that is popular around the world for the numerous efficient tools it offers to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of users. PDF compressor is also one of them. You can use the free PDF compressor offered by SmallSEOTools to compress PDF files or shrink their size without affecting their quality. Just like many other tools offered by this website, the PDF compressor has also no restriction regarding the number of files to compress as well.

Free Tools to Convert PDF Files to Word

People who need to edit PDF files from time to time can’t edit a document in PDF file format directly. If you want to modify the document in a PDF file you have to convert it into Word file format. Just like PDF compression, Adobe Acrobat Pro can also convert a PDF file into Word but its subscription can be costly for many people. The best way to deal with this issue is using free tools that can convert PDF files into Word formats like DOC and DOCX easily. As a user, you can easily find such tools online by searching ‘PDF to Word’ on any search engine.

Generally, the platforms that offer PDF compression tools like the ones we have discussed earlier also offer conversion tools for free as well. You can go to any of the aforementioned platforms and look for a PDF to Word converter. Once you find such a tool, simply upload or import the PDF file and convert it into Word format. After conversion, you can easily edit the document and save it as a PDF again for further use.


PDF compression and modification are not challenging tasks if you know the suitable tools for these purposes. We have discussed some really useful tools above that can help you do both these tasks without paying a single dime. There is no need of paying costly subscriptions to tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro after every month or quarter when you have free tools at your disposal for this purpose. We hope all this information will be helpful for you in working with PDF files efficiently.

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